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About Wet Women LLC.

Wet Women® is an international community of women, which participates in, celebrates,and supports women in water/snow sports. Incorporated in 2004, Wet Women® strives to be the ultimate resource for women in all water sports, providing news, events, interviews, articles, stories, travel, schools, contests, conservation information, photos and videos about women's surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, swimming, sailing, diving, kayaking, canoeing, paddling, fly-fishing, fishing and other water/snow activities.

The main site, WETWOMENINTERNATIONAL.COM, has been temporarily taken down in 2012. This was due to overload of work as sole operator in managing and running the website content, marketing, art, product development (WET WOMEN® SURF WAX...) and all other business facets while also managing my other business MORGAN FISHER ART, LLC.

WET WOMEN® expresses the joy and fulfillment of women on the water and advocates, motivates , promotes, celebrates, and inspires active women in the water/snow world. Wet Women® is about women's courage, inspiration, and aptitude on the water/snow and brings positive attention to the real skills of women in the water world.

WET WOMEN® is a philosophy and a place where women can share their empowerment with other women in the water world. Women can reflect and share the experiences, skills, stories, and lifestyles. Sharing their own skills with others like-minded, will empower new creativity, encourage other women, and reveal the courageous and simplest experiences on the water that bring each of us joy, fulfillment and inspiration.

Wet Women® is inclusive, encompassing all water activities for women, all different skill levels and all types and bodies of water. The Wet Women® concept is a lifestyle brand that reflects the joy and inspiration of water activities and sports. The name Wet Women® calls attention to women in a unique way that is playful, sassy, contemporary, a bit cavalier. It's about real women who have a passion for water and a joy for life.

Wet Women® designed and sold women's clothing and eco-savvy products for women in water sports. We sold comfortable, sassy, well made surf and beach wear, casual wear, biodegradable surf wax. We have other eco-savvy products in the making, developed for women and look to sell more products in the future.

WETWOMENINTERNATIONAL.COM and Wet Women® represent a bold new focus for supporting women on the water and snow. Our apparel and products are for courageous women, who love to express themselves with a passion and aptitude. Our website is a destination for women to connect, share and support each other while taking an truly eco-positive stance in our world.

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