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A revolutionary surf wax MAKING SURE WOMEN STAY ON TOP! Now there is a surf wax that is certified non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable, and harmless to our oceans, air, water, land, and the creatures of the sea- WET WOMEN® SURF WAX!


Tins are available in pink (shown) or black.

Did you know that other surf waxes might be toxic to the environment and also end up trashing the beaches? Finally, there is a surf wax that recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and is doing something revolutionary about it! Wet Women® Surf Wax is an eco-intelligent product made up of ingredients that are viably certified and scientifically proven by MBDC as being harmless to the ecosystems in which it's used or thrown out.

WET WOMEN® SURF WAX, created by the founder and president of Wet Women, LLC Morgan Fisher, is a cradle to cradle product rather than a cradle to grave product. Her love for the ocean and concern for the environment inspired her to create a new concept surf wax - one that is designed to be harmless to the ocean and its inhabitants, the beaches, and the humans using it. She decided to participate in a revolutionary way of creating a surf wax that would be nontoxic, biodegradable, and compostable to the air, soil, and water- and thus - WET WOMEN® SURF WAX was born!

WET WOMEN® SURF WAX is designed with care for the environment and the inhabitants in which surf wax and it's wrappings end up - is yours?

  • Is your wax harmful to or does it harm the environment in which you surf or the beaches on which you play?
  • Is the wax you use 100% biodegradable (safe for biological systems and will degrade safely over time so it does not harm the dolphins, fish, coral reefs or creatures of the sea)?
  • Is your surf wax made up of safe biological nutrients that will not harm humans nor animals throughout its life cycle, while it breaks down and returns to nature?
  • Is your biodegradable wax certified by professionals to meet specific criteria on many levels?

WET WOMEN® SURF WAX meets all of these criteria and more!

WET WOMEN® SURF WAX is made up of biological nutrients that are compostable, are biodegradable, and can return to the earth, air, and soil without harm. Cradle to Cradle Certified Wet Women® Surf Wax was evaluated by MBDC (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, LLC) and found to be safely compostable and biodegradable. Wet Women® Surf Wax is a Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM SILVER CERTIFIED Product, as determined by MBDC . It has been evaluated for its human health, environmental health, and recyclability against stringent certification criteria and is considered an ecologically intelligent product.

All ingredients in WET WOMEN® wax are safe biological nutrients. They entirely break down and return to nature safely over time- some ingredients are more readily broken down than others in the wax's life cycle. This has been scientifically backed by the scientific criteria determined by MBDC.


WET WOMEN® decided to use 30% recycled steel tins made and manufactured in America by BALL CORPORATION because they can be reused and recycled. Even with the best intentions, a paper or plastic wrapping often ends up as trash, regardless of the biodegradability and recycling capabilities they may have.

Reuse the cool tins for WET WOMEN® SURF WAX REFILLS that you can purchase separately. You can also use them to hold loose change, jewelry, condoms, and guitar pics. Pop in your keys, fin screws & keys, wax comb, and any other water gear. Protect your phone ear pieces, lip balms, and hair ties! Our tins are great carry alls or containers for anything that fits!

Naturally, feel free to recycle these steel plated tins in the same bin with your Campbell Soup Cans! .

If you want a surf wax that is MAKING SURE WOMEN STAY ON TOP! and making sure your ocean experience is truly eco-friendly to the environment you love and enjoy...then your only choice is WET WOMEN® SURF WAX!



Definition of Biological Nutrients:
Materials used by living organisms or cells to carry on life processes such as growth, cell division, synthesis of carbohydrates and other complex functions. Biological Nutrients are usually carbon-based compounds that can be safely composted and returnto air, water, and soil.

MBDC (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, LLC):
MBDC provides certification services to clients so that their materials and products can be Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM for human health, environmental health and recyclability.

Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM:
Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM is a certification mark of MBDC. Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM products must meet established standards for human health, environmental health and recyclability.

The Cradle to CradleCM brand sustainability concept helps eliminate waste in the world and provides a format for the design of ecologically-intelligent product life cycles.

Our certification rates products by: (1) their incorporation of environmentally safe and healthy materials, (2) their design for material reutilization, including recycling and composting, (3) the manufacturer’s use of renewable energy and energy-efficient production, (4) the efficient use of water and maximum water quality associated with production, and (5) the implementation of social-responsibility strategies.

The certification mark shows one of four levels of achievement—basic, silver, gold, or platinum. Companies are awarded Cradle to Cradle brand certification based on the ratings above.

Our packaging is manufactured by Ball Corporation.

Do not eat or chew WET WOMEN® SURF WAX

Morgan Fisher
founder/owner of
Wet Women, LLC and
Wet Women® Surf Wax

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